Summary: "Our Barbies, Ourselves" by Emily Prager.

Essay by bmestiza November 2005

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"Our Barbies, Ourselves", written by Emily Prager, is based on stereotypes set by society and their appearance. Prager starts off by introducing an article she had read in the New York Times awhile ago. According to the article it concerned with the death of one Jack Ryan and his accomplishments. Prager found it an astonishing that one of Jack Ryan's accomplishments dealt with helping design Barbie.

Prager never understood why a woman would design Barbie the way she is for younger girls to look up too. She compared Barbie's design to a playmate at the Playboy Mansion or a regular guest on The Howard Stern Show where they label as sex symbols. She believes that the outline of Barbie's design causes damage to personal image in today's society; their self-esteem.

For years now women are exposed to this perfection that they think if they get surgery done on their bust line they will be the "all American girl".

Prager finds something unutterably masculine about Barbie. Perhaps because she thinks Barbie is created by man however its curious how she notices Ken was built without any private parts. Media today shows that in movies and videos filled with topless women and covered men proving males as the dominate gender.