Summary of Poe's poem "The Raven"

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One of Edgar Allan Poe's greatest works is called the "The

Raven". It was written during the time his wife/second cousin

was dying. It's a poem about a man who was mourning for his

lost wife. When suddenly he heard someone tapping at his door.

When he opened his door, there was no one there. When he sat

back down, he heard the tapping again except louder at his

window. He opened his window and, "In there stepped a stately

Raven of the saintly days or yore". The Raven flew in and

perched in top of his chamber door. The Raven just sat there and

the main character started to talk to the Raven and ask it, "tell

me what thy lordly mane is on the night's Plutonian shore". But

all the Raven says was "Nevermore". The main character just

kept talking to the Raven and thinking how rare it was for a bird

to perch on top of a door and only say "Nevermore".

The main

character started to get pissed off and yelled at the Raven and

the Raven just sat there, really still, and repeated the word