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Helosia Sabin's article "Animal Research Saves Human Lives" shows the benefits of using animals to test vaccinations, such as the polio vaccine. Sabin opens her article asking readers to recall a scene in the movie Forrest Gump where Forrest is running and his leg brace breaks. She does this to prove to her younger generation of readers that because of the successful research of her late husband, Albert Sabin, that this scene may be the only thing we may recall of the polio epidemic. Sabin briefly talks about the fear young mothers experienced in the early 50's, and that almost 58,000 children were diagnosed with poliomyelitis in just 1952. This article states that without animal research there would no be an oral vaccination against polio. It also discusses that the claims of animal rights activist were false in believing that better social hygiene was the answer to solving polio, when actually it was a large part of the problem.

I believe that the point of Sabin's article "Animal Research Saves Human Lives" is to get readers to look at animal testing from another point of view, and maybe even in a more favorable light. I also think she does this well by showing positive benefits that animal testing has brought to today's society.