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John Wilkes Booth once said, "I have too great a soul to die like a criminal." I think that, in a weird way, this quote sums up the main theme of the movie "Pulp Fiction". "Pulp Fiction" is a humorous, suspense-filled, and dramatic film that follows five main individuals involved in shady business. The film shows how, though chance encounters, the characters effect each others' lives. This film is for a mature audience and deals with the lives of criminals in search of the American dream.

Jules and Vincent are two hit men hired by Marcellus Wallace to retrieve a brief case (which is said to contain Marcellus' soul). After retrieving the briefcase and killing the thief, a man burst out of the bathroom, firing off six round, at point blank range, at Jules and Vincent. Not one shot hits either of the hit men, and while Vincent decides to blow it off as a "freak accident", Jules sees it as divine intervention.

Jules thinks it's a sign from God telling him to go straight. Later that night, Vincent , at Marcellus' request, take out Mia to show her a good time. At the end of a night of dancing, Mia has a drug overdose and Vincent saves her life. The next day he is assigned to keep an eye on Butch's apartment in case he returns. While in the bathroom, Butch sneaks in to his apartment and catches Vincent off guard, and unarmed. At death Vincent is reduced to a bloody mess. I think that because Jules had a great soul and left his evil ways to find redemption, he did not die like a criminal, like Vincent.

Butch is a boxer who has, reluctantly, set up a deal with Marcellus to go down in the fifth round...