Summary Response: We Wish to Inform You that Tomorrow We will be Killed with our Families. Pag. 280-355.

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On this part of the book it is described what happened with the people who fleet Rwanda on 1994 and even long time before. During the first violent acts against the Tutsi people on the 50's and 70's, many people decided to fleet to other regions, they went to Zaire and Burundi mostly; these people stayed in those countries for generations, but always cursed by their Tutsi legacy, even thought they had the Zaire citizenship on 1994 the were repatriate to Rwanda. On 1994 Zaire had an instable government and added to the social problems between tribes, Tutsi people were expelled from their homes and tried to be send back to Rwanda. On the other side the new Rwandan government was asking all his citizens to come back to Rwanda. Many governments such as Zaire toke advance of this and sent their own people (form Tutsi origin).

Rwandan government took this as an offence and started an aggressive offence against Zaire. "We ask for our citizens to return from the camps, and they send us theirs..." (279).

In the last pages of the book it is point out how Rwandan people came back home and what happened with all the differences between Tutsis and Hutus. Almost a million of Rwandan were displaced form Zaire back to Rwanda, among the tumult many Hutu killers came back to Rwanda as well. Back on Rwanda it was hard to believe that the same neighbor who kill all your family had the chance to make it back to his home and take all his property back and pretend like nothing happened. Finally on 1996 the Rwanda's parliament adopted a special genocide law, witch categorized responsibility for the crime according to the preparer's position in...