A summary of Romeo and Juliet.

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William Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564 to John Shakespeare and Mary Arden. William Shakespeare was the third out of the eight children born to the Shakespeares. Little is known about Shakespeare's childhood other than going to Stratford grammar school. He married at 18 to Anne Hathaway who was 26. During these years, his interest in theater became intense. He soon became an amazing and talented writer. In 1594 Shakespeare already had six written and produced plays. By the age of 52, he left us with astounding comedies, historical plays, tragedies, tragicomedies and long poems before he died in 1616.

One of his famous tragic plays he wrote is Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet takes place in Verona, Italy and it deals with two star crossed lovers struggling to be together. Coming from rival families didn't help these lovers but only made things worst.

They met and fell in love instantly, ever since their eyes connected.

There was only one problem and it was their last names. The Capulet and the Montague had a hatred history which continuously kept on. Romeo and Juliet felt so strongly about their love that they kept secretly seeing each other regardless of the history. Time passed by and things started to get complicated. Mr.Capulet wanted to involve his daughter Juliet in a arranged married but Juliet refused.

Juliet went for help and came back with a sleeping potion. She drank it the night before her arrange wedding and her mother found her in the morning. By then everyone seemed to think she committed suicide. An urgent message was delivered to Romeo making sure he would be well-informed about the artificial death of Juliet. It turns out the message didn't get to Romeo and the wrong message was told. Romeo, thinking...