A summary of "A Rose for Emily" by William Faulkner

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A rose for emily si one of faulkners most remarkable storied. The story is about an aging woman named Emily Grierson who lives in jefferson. Because of her father she is placed on a pedstal by the city and does'nt have to pay taxed like other citizens of the town. Her death and funeral drew attention to the town because the people of the town were curious to find out what was in her house. She hardly let anyone past the front porch of her house. only one person outside of her bulter got to enter her house and that was the unidentified narrator. She poisoined her husband as well as the unidentified narrator because after living with her and getting to know her the decided that she was not the type of person they wanted to be with. For about four years she lived with a dead body in her house which caused the stinch that covered the house.

the neighbors did everything to rid the house of the stinch that was caused by the dead bodies found in her house. throughot the story Emily had been sleeping with the corpse of her dead husband in the bed with her. But the people of the town didnt discover this until after she died. they were so courious as to see what the inside of the house contained and look like that they walked through and examined everything in the house..