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The book Silent Spring by Rachel Carson is a very informative book, as well as a plea for help for our evanescing environment. In her book, Carson writes about all of the harmful effects of various deadly insecticides on our environment, as well as us. She explains the different uses of insecticides and what harmful effects they have on us and on plants and animals. Her book is very convincing.

While reading her book, one wonders how people can be so ignorant of the environment. I, myself, was amazed at the ignorance of the government in using these insecticides, even though they knew, to some extent, the effects that they would have on people and animals surrounding the area to be sprayed. As I was reading about the spraying for the Japanese beetle in Detroit, I wondered why the government brushed off the deadly side effects of dusting with aldrin.

This one particular incident, where birds and cats and dogs were harmed, imprinted itself into my memory. This part of the book is what made me think about what we do to ourselves as well as our surroundings in an attempt to make them insect-free.

I think that people can definitely learn from Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. Even though it is a very dry book, there is an engraved message included in the text that warns us not to bite off more than we can chew, so to speak. If we keep destroying our environment with these harmful chemicals, there is no telling where we will be. Our roadsides will be bare and we will all be sick with leukemia or some other cancer. The worst part of this is that we are, sometimes knowingly, endangering ourselves.

I am very thankful that Carson wrote this book that exposed us...