Summary of "A Visit to Candyland"

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In a "Visit to Candyland" the student author is explaining the process of making a gingerbread house. The author also explains his/her family's tradition on how the concept of building gingerbread houses began. The author wrote that everything in the house "must be edible, and not only edible, but tasty". The author said the best part about building a gingerbread house was having a holiday party, where everyone gets together and eats the house.

The author first starts out by explaining that during the Christmas season his/her family decides on a theme together. They have been building gingerbread houses for many years. They don't just slap cookies together with frosting; they decide on a theme and design a house that reflects the season and interest. After they figure out the theme of the house, they do some sketches, and make patterns pieces drawn onto thin paper and cut them out.

The first step is making the dough for the gingerbread house. The author uses an old family recipe that is "sturdy and tasty". Other ingredients include Molasses, cinnamon, ground clovers, and ginger. He/She also mentioned that they use a lot of flour so the dough is dense. It is so dense that their father stirs the dough because he has the strongest arms. After the dough is done it is put in the refrigerator ranging from several hours to a week. The longer the dough cools the easier it is to handle, and make the cookie tougher.

The second step is baking the dough. They need to roll out the dough and take the patterns; that they cut out and place them on top of the dough and cut the shapes out. Before they but it in the oven they fill the holes with candy. When they are satisfied...