Summary of "Women and Witchcraft

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Summary of "Women and Witchcraft"

The Salem witch crisis of 1692 to 1693 brought much fear into the lives of the people of Salem. Many witches were believed to be older woman very few were men. In the colonial period women did not play a significant role in everyday life but now that they were accused of being witches the women of Salem were getting more attention than they bargained for.

Many people believed that witchcraft was real. The people of Salem now had a reason to distrust their beliefs. For that reason the witches were persecuted and sometimes executed.

To this day it is still unknown why witches are women. There are many speculations, one example, "Women give birth to new life and seemed to have the potential to take life away." It was also said that the personality and characteristics of older women set them apart from others, which make them a target for accusations.

Abstract of Women and Witchcraft

In Salem, witches were believed to be older women, for that reason they were persecuted and sometimes executed. The people of Salem come from a culture in which anything from their original believes were looked down upon and often drastic measures were taken.