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Summer Camp For as far back as I can remember, Every time I think about summer, I think more specifically of one thing. my camp. Every summer of my life, me and the rest of my family, including Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins, have always spent lots of time at this place.

The first day we went up, I can always remember the smell of burning fires, and couldnt wait until I could toast the first marshmallow of the summer. The first thing we would do on a hot summer day was run down to the lake, and swim for what seemed like hours and hours.

The adults would lay on the beach bathing in the sun, and us kids would play all kinds of water games until we got tired. When it was time to go back to the camp, everyone would gather their things and get ready for the walk back.

Sometimes if you forgot shoes or sandals, the sand would get so hot that it burned your feet, and you would run faster than you ever had before back to the camp. After lunch all us kids would setup our tents outside of the house before the sun set. After the tents were setup, we would take a voyage into the woods. All of the surrounding woods had trails that we all knew like the back of our hand, and every year we would walk all through the woods on the various trails to see if anything new had appeared. The longest trail led to a place that we all called the sand pits. This was just a giant open area with the biggest mounds of sand you have ever seen, they looked like giant sand pyramids, and we would all play around and try to climb...