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Summer is the best season. Summer in Monticello is great its mostley always hot think of all the wonderfull things you can do. Theres always the mountain good for camping,cookouts hunting and fishing. Also you can go to canyolands its great for taning,swimming,fourwheeling and its one of my favorite places to ride my dirt bike. This is some of the fun interesting things you can do during summer time in Monticello.

Not onely do you have to stay in Monticello but think of some places you can go in the summer. If if you are interested in truck climbing then you can go to Moab for the jeep safarie.

Or if you like to hike and go sight seeing. You can go to cortez Mesa Verday and have fun there.

It all depends what you like to do travle far of stay in your hometoun dont waste your summer sitting at home doing nothing cause summer is the best season all around.

Think? Summer is great you cant tan in the winter time. Its to cold the sun is never out and it ruins trips that you plan cause most of the time it comes unexpected. Now Fall is also to cold and you can never find anything to do its just one of those boaring months. Spring is to rainny all the time when you go to do something it gets ruined.

Ths is why i think summer is the best season year around you can have so much fun in the sun!!!