Summer of 69

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I was going to write a fictional story about a teenage girl life during ‘69 because I wish I was her. I wish I was alive to see a man walk on the moon for the first time, receive letters from my older brother fighting in the Vietnam War and listen to the magical music of that year. But when comparing the “important” events of ‘07 and ’69 I noticed can’t remember any of the events of this year affecting me at all. So maybe it wasn’t so different for someone living in ’69. I mean my experiences of this summer are so individual and separate from anything that apparently affected the people of the world. And since the major events of ’69 are only source I have to base a story of the life of someone of that year I can’t even attempt to make it at all personal.

I can only write about myself. That’s the only way I can make it personal and hope to put as much feeling into this essay as possible. But . . . . . . it seems I’ve already filled up more than half a page with my ramblings. So I’ll only need to write another page, which will be easily filled with an account of all things I did during my summer containing all the minor boring details you couldn’t care less about.

I started my summer with a trip to the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! I and most of my extended family travelled there for my cousin Neil’s wedding. The wedding itself was lovely, nothing like a “typical” Vegas wedding. After the wedding we got to see the city it was truly amazing, especially at night! Every hotel had its own theme and felt a world apart...