Summer Of The Monkeys by Wilson Rawls

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Topic: Jay Berry Lee

Purpose: To identify the inner and outer forces that either helps or hinders Jay Berry to achieve his goal

Thesis: Before Jay Berry succeeds in his goal, he encounters many conflicts that both hinder and help him throughout his amazing adventure

I.Inner Forces


1.Over Confidence





II.Outer Forces







The Last thing a fourteen year old boy would expect to find in the Ozark River Bottoms is a Sycamore tree full of Escaped Circus monkeys. However unexpected this occurrence may be, Jay Berry Lee, the Protagonist in Wilson Rawls heartwarming novel Summer Of The Monkeys, sets out to capture the monkeys in exchange for the ultimate reward, something of which he has always wanted. But Before Jay Berry succeeds his goal, he encounters many conflicts that both hinder and help him through his amazing journey.

Throughout Jay Berry's adventure, he encounters many inner forces which hinder his progress towards his objective. Even with all of his experience of trapping animals in the river bottoms, Jay Berry is over confident in his efforts and abilities to catch the monkeys. This trait is evident because Jay thought that the monkeys would be easy prey. He said on the night before he set out to catch them that, "I'll catch them...just wait and see. By tomorrow night, I'll have a sack full of [monkeys]!"(Rawls 38) Not only did Jay Berry think that the monkeys would easily be caught, he also believed that they were not highly intelligent animals and believed that the monkeys would fall into any trap set for them. He said himself that, "Surely monkeys couldn't be any smarter than coons are, and I've caught all kinds of...