Summer Reading For History: Truman By: David McCullough

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This is the way they have us do a book reoport at our school summer reading for history: Truman by: David McCullough Pgs 30-31 "Lane [a union general] and his Kansans [the union soldiers] proceeded to shoot four hundred Hampshire hogs [that belonged to Harriet Louisa, Harry's maternal grandmother], then cut out only the hams, leaving the rest to rot. Harriet Louisa was ordered to bake biscuits, which she did "˜until her hands blistered.'" The pillaging Of Harry's grandparents house is shocking to me. When I thought of the pillaging of houses in the civil war I would never have thought that it had happened to such historic people. I thought it only happened to the people who where nameless. I thought of it as "˜war', I never put a face on the people it affected.

Pg 42-45 "[Harry being nine years old] He appears to have liked school from the start"..."By

now he was reading "˜everything I could get my hands on'"..."He dreamed of becoming a great general"..."Harry was fascinated by trains"..."[he] felt incapable of any sport with a moving ball." Young Harry Truman liked school, was into books, but unlike most kids of his generation felt unable to participate in any sports with a moving ball.

He wanted to become a soldier, and he loved trains. He was able to explore all the sides of his personality.

Pg. 56 "Early in the morning, sometimes before Mr. Clinton [the store owner] arrived, the good church members and anti-saloon Leaguers would come in [to the drug store where Harry worked]."..."He would set the bottle on the corner and wait. "˜They'd put their dimes on the counter, and I'd leave all those dimes there until Mr. Clinton came in, and he'd put them in the cash register.' It was because these...