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Summer Of The Seventeenth doll has been regarded as both a masterpiece and as a turning point in Australian history. It has boosted Australian theatre to another level and genre of performance that Australian theatre would not have been able to achieve alone. The doll managed to astound audiences by its distinctiveness. It managed to explore situations and aspects that the audience had never before entered. It was stylistically new and different, which caused plenty of reactions by the audience that contributed to its phenomenal. Due to The Doll's success in relation to its uniqueness, it inspired many more playwrights to experiment with theatre styles, which proved to be advancement in Australian history. The Doll's success is evident to this day, due to the fact that its themes and issues still hold a relevance and importance in today's society. Indeed it is upmost accuracy to state that The Doll has expanded and advanced upon actors, directors and playwright's methods and styles of acting in Australian Theatre up to this very day.

A brief tour through early Australian history will clarify just how much Significance and meaning The Doll contributed when it was first released. The early theatre in Australia was influenced by the happenings in other parts of the world. The early settlers from Europe strove to maintain the cultural traditions of the societies they had left behind, and in time, this became a big barrier for Australian theatre between originality and imitation. As the plays performed were imported from overseas, so the acting styles in Australia followed those that were fashionable in Europe. By the Nineteen Seventies, melodrama had become very popular in Europe and America. Most melodramas performed in Australia were adaptations of novels or plays that were once successful in England or America. Eventually melodrama aged and...