The Summer of Soundness

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The rain hadn't stopped in three weeks and it seemed like the endless trek through the field would never end. As the morning dew soaked the bottom of my pants, I remembered the fun summers when I would awake well past dawn and go outside and play by the creek in my shorts. But it was now different, even if I wanted to wear my shorts, my legs would become mangled and disfigured from cuts and insect bites from being outside working in the indigenous wilderness. The heat was unbearable most of the times we were out, and I could remember the long cold days of winter; the fun season in which there was no need to wake early or work long days. The days were more enjoyable as I looked forward to holidays like my birthday, Christmas, and New Years where I could sleep in and spend the days playing with my new toys and cousins that I hadn't seen in a year since the last annual encounter.

But summer holidays were different. They were just another day to awake early to that morning dew that left my feet wet the rest of the day. Every day was the same. Maybe an alteration in the menu for lunch, but even lunch on the tailgate of the truck can be monotonous at times. It wasn't until late in the season that I found out that there was a reason for all this work and turmoil; a motivation for which most 14 year old boys, destined to become men, never learn.

Dave stood much higher than me at the time. At times I wondered when I would reach his height. He was like an old, matured oak tree to me, and I was the newly fallen acorn that admired the strength...