Summer Vacation

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SUMMER VACATION I plan to go to Dallas to watch the Texas Rangers play. After that, I would like to go to Six Flags and ride some rides like the Run Away Mountain, the Texas Giant, and the Shock Wave. After Six Flags, I would like to walk over to Hurricane Harbor so I could cool off. I would ride both of the inner-tube rides and swim in the ocean wave for a while.

Another place I would like to go is the Cayman Island's. I went last year and had a great time! There are many things to do there. I would like to ride out on the water in those big boats, lay out on the beach, and do the many other things there is to do there. Snorkeling is a fun thing to do there. You can easily see clearly all the way to the bottom from 15 ft.

up. I definitely would like to do that again.

I would like to visit Florida. There I could go to the beach everyday and try to learn how to surf. I could go and see a Florida Marlins baseball game. Then I would probably go to Disney World and ride all the neat rides they have there. I would also enjoy seeing the Everglades.