Summery and Analysis of "Kiss the Girls."

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"Kiss the Girls" is a movie about an anti-social serial killer who collects girls he believe's he's in love with. The movie starts out with the killer reminiscing on the first girl he loved. He sat in Cody Peers attic spying on her and her sister until he confessed his love for her and kissed her claiming she was honored and kissed him back. Then he went on to kiss her little sister and mother. Later in the movie you find out that "Casanova" is really Nick Ruskin a detective in Connecticut. We then are introduced to Alex Cross a forensic psychologist who is also a Detective. Alex's niece has been kidnaped from her dorm room in Connecticut so Alex goes to investigate. He soon realizes his niece Naomi is linked to the serial killer who calls himself Casanova (the great lover.) Casanova takes pretty, strong willed girls from the research triangle that are all exceptional at something..

Alex Cross goes with Nick Rusking and his police partner to look at one of the girls who was just found dead. She is tied to a tree with her hair ripped out. Kate is a pretty Doctor who is extremely intelligent and also very involved into kickboxing. Casanova kidnaps her wearing his mask and takes her to a cell. When Kate wakes up Casanova tells her that she's here to fall in love he tells her his three rules 1. You must not try to escape 2. You mustn't call out and 3. You must not try any of your kickboxing stuff then he drugs her and leaves. When she calls out the 8 other girls answer saying she has to be quite or he'll kill her. Alex Cross then gets a letter under his door that reads "Odeliscs(sex...