The Sun

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Introduction: The sun is a very important source of energy. In 1839 a French physicist named Edmund Becquerel realized that the sun’s energy could produce a “photovoltaic effect�. In the 1880’s, selenium photovoltaic cells were developed that could convert light into electricity with 1-2% efficiency (“the efficiency of a solar cell is the percentage of available sunlight converted by the photovoltaic cell into electricity�). The production of electricity can be done using different kinds of technology and using natural resources like oil, gas and hydro energy some of which cause high exertion of energy resources and also effect the environment. Energy conversion process between solar energy to electricity energy is clean and it does not cause any impact on the natural environment. It is easy to put this energy system into use in villages, islands, and homesteads, where electrical power transmission line systems and sometimes highways or railroads are not available.

Furthermore, we can store the electrical current that is produced from solar energy systems in batteries and bring it to use in the night or sell it return to the government that decrease the electrical cost. The electricity production using solar energy system has more advantages than using other systems such as nuclear power, hydro power and diesel engine power, if they are compared in terms of investment cost, transmission cost, land cost and environmental cost.

Sun is one of the most important Non-conventional source of energy. It emits both heat and light radiations. The mechanism of converting light energy into electrical energy is know as photovoltaic effect. It is the principle of using light energy, and producing electrical energy. Solar cells are based on this effect. The solar cell is an electronic invention built from semiconductors which have the ability to convert energy from the sun to electrical...