The sun also rises, bullfighting scenes

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The sun also rises, presents many interesting passages with interesting literary aspects. One which is really interesting to study starts on page 187 from the second paragraph "Pedro Romeo had the greatness… and finishes on page 190 … and his legs settling". Throughout this passage, the author uses an extended metaphor of the destructiveness of sex, distinct vocabulary and some stylistic figures to show how much the killing of the bull represents the destruction of some characters linked to sex in the novel.

The first sentence of the passage "Pedro Romero had the greatness… and I think he loved Brett" indicates that the author is first making a link between Pedro Romero, Brett and the bulls. This foreshadows the connection between bullfighting and sex. The choice of the author to enumerate those two characters can be explained by their great interest for sex. Even the narrator of the story, Jake, is affected by the destructiveness of sex.

Clearly, those characters are related. The effect which results from the choices of the author is an extended metaphor of the idea previously discussed and the construction of a relation between bullfighting and sex. This is proven by the fact that the characters who are interested in bullfighting are the ones who are related to sex in the story that is Romero, Brett and Jake. Additionally, there is no coincidence that Jake is describing using the author's words the bullfight scene.

Furthermore, the extended metaphor of the destructiveness of sex continues as the author uses a personification of the bull "The bull was watching. Seemingly he watched the white horse, but really he watched the triangular steel point of the pic."(3-5; Pg 188) Therefore, there is a correspondence between the different sides of reality. This emphasis the fact that the...