Sun's Strategy within their Marketing, Management, Technology, and service functions

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Sun's strategy and how they integrate their marketing, management, technology, and service functions into one effective strategy is not a simple aspect. They created many tools to and they implemented them into the program for the final outcome of success. With the Information Technology market of today it is hard to be the best and the most competitive, you must be able to create smartest, fastest, and creative item on the market and Sun's did this in a variety of ways, first I will talk about the iForce initiative.

The iForce initiative provides a rich array of products, programs, solutions and partners to deliver targeted, customer-driven vertical and horizontal solutions which help customers improve business processes such as decision support systems, supply chain management, product design and development, e-mail and communications. Customers benefit from the Proof of Concept (POC) process, which makes it fast, easy and safe for them to leverage the Net Effect to improve business processes and reduce time to service.

This is probably the most critical of what customers are looking for.

The iForce initiative also offers partners involvement in dynamic, interactive relationships that help them build and execute more effective go-to-market, customer engagement strategies with Sun. Through this initiative, Sun is working with key partners to secure new business opportunities through a comprehensive suite of programs that drive knowledge transfer, co-marketing activities, solutions development and demand creation. Within the iForce they developed the connecting the dots program.

Sun's dot-com campaign hit the nail on the head. People say great, Sun, you're the dot in dot-com, but how do we begin? So Sun created the iForce initiative to answer the what, why, how, and who of dot-comming a business. Sun's iForce initiative is a comprehensive program that brings together the products, technologies, and services customers need to...