Sunday is Game Day.

Essay by sremde December 2005

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Between the months of August and February, I, and millions of other Americans become obsessed with professional football and the prospect of our favorite football team becoming the world champion. I have been following football for over twenty years and as much as I love to watch it, I have discovered that the best way to view a game is to be at the stadium. I love going to professional football games. One of the best things about going to a game is showing up a couple of hours before kick off and tailgating. Besides tailgating, the exciting atmosphere of the stadium and the thrill of the game reinforce my obsession of attending football games. Another reason I love going to football games are the fans, they can be very entertaining. There is nothing like going to a game on a crisp fall day, grilling up some food, drinking a few cold beers with some friends, and then joining thousands of screaming fans in the stands.

The excitement of the game builds up the hope that you will be celebrating the success of your team pulling out a win.

As mentioned, one of the major reasons that I love going to football games is the tailgating. I love getting to the stadium parking lot early on game day, hanging out with friends, grilling up thick, juicy steaks, ribs, bratwurst, or some other delicious fare and having a couple of cold beers before heading into the stadium. As a veteran tailgater there are a couple of steps to consider if you are to have a successful experience. I always plan my menu, pre-prepare the food, make sure that there is enough food and beverages for the group, and then I grill or cook the food to perfection in the stadium parking...