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Criminal Justice 101

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Karl Marshall Walker, Jr. v. State of Maryland, No. 74, September Term 2012

At Howard county elementary school, a 38 year old Karl Marshall Walker Jr. wrote an 8 year old girl notes in which he proclaimed his love for her and shared fantasies of osculating her and holding her. While moving classroom desks found an inopportune letter in the desk of the defendant. Police were called to the scene and after getting sanction to probe the desk they found a box. After getting a warrant the box was opened and found to contain letters from the defendant to the 8 year old student. During the tribulation the defendant filed to suppress evidence found in his desk verbally expressing that the search takes away his 4th amendment rights. The evidence was upheld due to the fact that his desk was in fact in an open area of the school accessible to everyone and as such he did not have a prospect of privacy in the area.

He was eventually convicted of sexual abuse and sentenced to 13 years in prison.

CHAD EASON FROBOUCK v. STATE OF MARYLAND No. 2061 September Term, 2011

Scott owned a shopping center in Maryland and he signed into a commercial lease with the appellant to rent a property to utilize for the appellants business. The lease was a one-year lease that transmuted to a month-by-month lease after the first year. On august first 2010 Scott did not receive a payment for the lease and called the appellant but did not get an answer. On august 13th Scott went to the property and discover the locks had been transmuted but he still entered the premises and found marijuana. After seeing the pot he called ascendant entities who...