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aint no sunshine in the airHolden rejection of the society made him neurotic. He refused to except the life of adulthood, which to him is a "PHONY" living. Adulthood has challenges which holden is not ready to face. The book Catcher In The Rye written by J.D Salingers describes the facts of life that holden had to go through when he wasn't ready for it. It shows Holdens thoughts and activities over few days, during which he develops an unexplained depression.

At the beginning Holden Caulfield, a teenager who is growing in new york got expelled from Pency Prep for poor achievement.

"I'll just tell you about this mad man stuuf that happened to me last Christmas""¦(PG:1) Holden starts describing his life where everything made him crazy. He talks about his brother D.B working in Hollywood as a writer. What upset him about his brother was that he was around people who were phony.

"It just drove me stark staring mad when I thought about her and stradlater""¦(PG:48) The image of childhood comforted holden because the description of a child especially to him was innocence. Holden got into a fight with his room mate stradlater because it drove him crazy to think that Jane went out with a such a phony guy as stradlater. Since, he used to spend time with Jane when they were younger, the image of a innocent girl always remained on his mind for Jane. Soon after the fight holden descides to pack up and leave for New York right away.

After reaching New York he stay's in a cheap hotel for couple of days. Every time he sat alone, he could think only about jane and Stradlater. He decides to leave the hotel room and spend some time outside to take jJane out of his mind. He sat at the hotels lavender room where he meet three ladies, all older than him. He began conversation with them and finally asked one of them to dance.

"I apologied like a madman" (PG:73) he felt alone at the time and when he did a mistake even though it was no big deal he would he would just apologize.

Every time Holden felt that somebody act's so phony, he would end up meeting the person.