Super Heros Then And Now - A Short Camparitive Book Report

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I think that some of the changes in "hero's" since the early 1900's are a reflection of the technology advancements in today's society. In the early 1900's the hero's abilities were a reflection of the technology in the way that during this time hero's superhuman abilities were often based on the physical body. Some of these powers could include, incredible strength, speed, vision, and with powered flight on the horizon the possibility that a man could fly. Tarzan's reflection of the early 1900's is how he is the ideal "primal man". Tarzan is extremely strong, nimble, quick minded, and is considered a "perfect specimen" of the human race in the book. Tarzan also is and has what every man in the early 1900's wanted money, land, a title is physically fit, and he speaks a variety of languages. Of course Tarzan only get this at the end o the book when he inherits his dead fathers land, money and title and Tarzan becomes Lord Greystoke.

In the present having everything that Tarzan had would be nice but would not suffice. The imagination of a child demands more today then it did one hundred years ago. Today a child wants whatever the TV, computer, or a movie can create for them. As technology advances so must a hero's qualities, possessions, and abilities. An example of this is TV's Power Rangers. Today there are so many different versions of the show that I've lost count of them. The newest one however is called "Power Rangers Time Force". In this show a highly trained group of people travel back in time to battle evil monsters that want to change the course of history. This is a reflection of today's technology because everything is set as futuristic. For example time travel and "laser weapons" that the Power Rangers use to battle the evil monsters. Overall I believe that as we progress technologically some must our hero's arsenal of wits, weapons, and abilities.