"Super Size Me" by Morgan Spurlock.

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Key Performers: Morgan Spurlock, Daryl M. Isaacs M.D., Bridget Bennett, RD., Healthy Chef Alex (Morgan's Wife)

Did you like this movie? Why/why not?

Although "Super Size Me" was a very disturbing movie, I enjoyed it. Morgan Spurlock did a great job of showing that fast food might taste good, but we need to be careful about how and when we eat it. I also enjoyed it because the music to the movie was catchy and it sticks in your head.

In what way did it succeed?

I think, to state the obvious, this movie succeeded in the fact that McDonald's no longer has the Super Size option. Other than that aspect, "Super Size Me" succeeded in it's ratings, and in the minds of the viewers. The people who have watched this movie have had to think harder about what they are eating. Morgan Spurlock told us a lot of secrets about what's really in our food, and it isn't pretty.

I personally have decided that I will never eat a chicken nugget from a fast food restaurant ever again, as well as never buy anything from McDonalds. Every one person affected counts as a major success.

In what way did it not succeed?

"Super Size Me" was a success, so picking out something negative in it is tough. The only part of this movie that could be called unsuccessful, is that not enough people have seen it, or been touched by it enough to make them stop what they are doing.

Did it touch you or affect you? How?

This movie affected me greatly! I, like the many other millions of American, love fast food. Although it has never been part of my daily diet, I would say that I ate it a lot. After seeing this...