Superiority of the United States

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"War, a state of open and declared armed hostile conflict between states or nations" (Merriam). The United States has been evolved in many wars with varying reasons, some for freedom and others for the want of something whether it is land or a physical object. The United States has been the superior achieving many of the goals that it set out to achieve in these conflicts. This paper will follow the conflicts that the United States has been involved in proving its superiority in achieving the set goals.

The American civil war "began on April 12, 1861. The main cause of the war was slavery. The southern states, including the 11 states that formed the confederacy, depended on slavery to support their economy. Southerners used slave labor to produce crops, especially cotton. Although slavery was illegal in the Northern States, only a small portion of Northerners actively opposed it.

The main debate between the North and the South on the eve of the war was whether slavery should be permitted in the Western territories recently acquired during the Mexican war. Opponent's of slavery was concerned about its expansion, in part because they did not want to compete against slave labor. The civil war ended on May 26, 1865" (Encarta) bringing freedom to the black slaves.

The conflicts following the Civil War involving the United States were battles fought between the American Indian tribes and the U.S. Beginning "in 1848 when the United States acquired territory from Mexico. American settlers began moving into Indian Territory the Navajo tribe was the first to appose the settlers and had begun attacking them. Kit Carson was sent to confine the Navajo's to a reservation in New Mexico. The Navajo's resisted this move, and in the end were starved into...