Supermarket Information System

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Executive summary

M&M is a chain of supermarkets that operates in Gatwick, UK. Their daily trading includes transacting of groceries, frozen foods, dairy products, brews, fizzy drinks and other consumable items. Their processing is mostly manual and run based on cash register concept of processing transaction. Lately they have discovered that their valued customer are quite unhappy at the amount of time spends at the cashier's counter to pay for their purchases. Some customer has suggested the implementation of cashless mode of payment as well as phone-delivery mode of services so that they would avoid the hassle of shopping during the winter days.

Hence the management of M&M has decided to upgrade their service by introducing automated processing tools in the area of entering transaction, processing and storage of items as well as in producing receipts and other related areas.

As a consultant, I will provide the necessary recommendations as to what type of input, output and storage devices I could implement.

In other words I have to implement the Local Area Network model concept with their branches and to connect to the main head office through Internet.


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