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Hunters Guide To The Supernatural

In Supernatural, a show about two brothers that work together in the family business of hunting demons, angels, and monsters, many innocent people are saved from all forms of supernatural violence. Each creature presents new challenges for the brothers as they learn how to exploit individual creature strengths and weaknesses. Through hardships and strained relationships with each other and others, the Winchester brothers have become crafted into a weapon, used at keeping the supernatural at bay.

Angels often serve as the soldiers and messengers of God; however, they are typically blinded by their self-righteousness and their inability to understand humans. Despite their holy origins, angels often consider it more important to follow the orders of their superiors than question the morality of the tasks they are given. This fact often leads Sam and Dean Winchester to the difficult task of ending the existence of these holy beings, no easy task.

The only weapon the brothers have at their disposal to destroy angels is, ironically, the angels own weapon of choice, an Angel Blade. Once the Winchesters manage to acquire stolen blades early on in the TV series, the brothers treasure them and keep them under close guard. Using the blades is a simple matter, all it takes is a fatal stab and the angel is released from their mortal vessel. Alternatively, Angel Blades can be used as an interrogation tool as they are the only known objects that can harm corrupted or misled angels.

Demons, on the other hand, feed off of both cruelty and violence and seek to cause it in as many ways as are possible. Demons also understand the desires of humans, both petty and thought out, and often use this understanding to further their own...