"The Supernaturalist", by Eoin Colfer

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Colfer, Eoin. The Supernaturalist. New York City: Hyperion Books for Children, 2004. The genre of this book is science fiction. There are total 267 pages in this book and I read all of them. I chose this book because this is one of the books I didn't read wrote by Eoin Colfer and plus the librarian recommended it to us. The story of The Supernaturalist was set later then our current millennium, the third millennium. The story started out in an orphanage, the Clarissa Frayne Institute for Parentally Challenged Boys, located in Satellite City, a city controlled entirely by a huge satellite under the ownership of Myishi Corp. The theme of this book is that friends will always be there for you and to believe in yourself and the ones around you. Stefan had doubts on his friends and they stuck with him. It also tells us to never give up even when things are growing worst, it will all work out.

In this book I had plenty of emotions going on in my head. Eoin Colfer created a book full of advanced technology and civilization. He created a great suspense throughout the book, making one bad event after another and you can never know what could happen the next minute. Sometimes I predict what was going to happen and most of them all went wrong. The most emotional feelings I felt throughout the book was cringed and intrigued. I cringed mostly at the start of the book because it was really cruel how the Clarissa Frayne treated the main character, Cosmo Hill, and the other orphanages by trying new chemical product and made them try updated new released food pack used mainly for soldiers after tested. I was intrigued throughout the book because of the suspense build in the book. The most surprising part of this book is that at the first half of the book, it introduce you to parasites which are first said to be creatures that suck or life out of people when they have pain, but at three quarters of the book the supernaturalist were told by one of the group members, Lucien 'Ditto' Bonn (prefer Ditto). He said that the parasites were sucking pain without sucking life out of people. This situation had changed the whole plot of the story 180o. There is one character that I particularly like very much, Francis "Ziplock" Murphy, and he reminds me of my old friend but he was only mentioned in the front of the book. Francis got his name "Ziplock" because he talks too much at Clarissa Frayne and got the bind from a ziplock bag super-glued over his mouth. He has a habit of being unable to stop talking particularly when he has a joke or insult in mind. This constantly puts him in trouble as he is always infuriating Marshal Redwood, his main supervisor. Ziplock is killed near the beginning of the book, after fleeing Redwood and falling into a rooftop generator with Cosmo. (Cosmo gets rescued by the Supernaturalists.) After this book it really changes my understanding toward my friends really much from its theme and how I should react to any situation. I really recommend this book to whom that really needs to learn how to treat friends and to react to situation properly, because friends and reacting situation are the two most vital parts of this book. I think people who like futuristic world and people who like to visualize things in their head would like to read this book because it is sometimes hard to follow but it becomes easy to follow when you visualize the tons of details in your head. It also has many things that could never really happen. People who are lazy to think shouldn't read this book!!!