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This manual will explain the best ways that a supervisor can use communication and employee relation to resolve conflict, improve staff and employee performance and conduct staff and employee appraisals. This manual will assist the supervisors to conduct orientation and training of new hires.

Demonstrating Communicating Skills:Considering conversations with your employees think about how this conversation will take you to communication with your employer. There are there are things that a staff member or employee could pass to the manager. While the conversation is in progress, know that what you said was heard and understood. As a manager has a conversation with the employee the manager has to take the time to listen to know the point of the conversation and if the point has been made and well understood. During a conversation, a manager could be told information that could have a hidden message in it. Make sure you know what the staff member or employee is saying.

You have to be in control of the conversation. In control of the direction and making sure that, it flows in the direction that will get to the point of the topic of the conversation and that the point is understood. As you listen to an employee, take note of the suggestions. Taking note of the things, you may or may not want to hear. This will keep the line of communication open and will allow the staff member to understand your point.

Communications with two meaning or have the chance of confusion to an staff or employee is useless. You as a manager want to get the job done, if you want the staff or employee to understand what it is that you want to have done. You have to get to the point and delegate but not by talking...