Supply and Demand

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Using demand and supply analysis determine the impact of another event of the scale of that which occurred in the USA on September 11th on the market for hot peppers and crude oil from Trinidad and Tobago.

Demand Definition: The entire relationship between the quantity of a commodity that buyers wish to purchase per period of time and the price of that commodity, other things being equal .The quantity demanded of any commodity n (Qdn) is given by the following functional notation.

Qdn = D [ Pn, P1?Pn-1, Adv, Y, E, W, λ, expn ] Where D a taste parameter that shapes the entire demand curve, Pn the price of the commodity n, P1?Pn-1 the price of all other commodities on the market Adv advertising Y the income of the household in question E a host of sociological factors, W wealth of the consumer, λ expectations, expn exogenous random elements, e.g.

war, famine, etc.

Supply Definition: The whole relationship between the quantity supplied of some commodity and its own price.

In economics, as with everything else, each event (action) comes with some form of reaction.

The concept of demand and supply is the foremost economic concept. It governs the market mechanism and ultimately plays part in the economy of each country. It is a driving force of productive economic activity.

The events of September 11th had a destabilizing effect on the United States of America?s economy, and to some extent the whole world?s economy. In the U.S.A, the economic climate experienced a severe downturn: the stock market fell, Foreign Direct Investment decreased and faith in airline travel decreased. The U.S economy lost a great deal of attractiveness from speculative investors. This collective downturn in the economy is reflected to a large extent through the market mechanism (demand and...