Supply and Demand Paper

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Supply and Demand Paper

A good that I have had experience purchasing is a Computer. I purchased a laptop computer for school and before I had purchased my laptop I was a bit confused. I was not only confused because it was my first purchase for a laptop, but also because there were many to choose from. I did not know which laptop that would right for me to purchase, they all offered many things. There is a huge amount of competition in the market and there is always something new that these companies are releasing continually.

I feel that computers change from day-to-day because the advancements in technology are changing each day. New electronic devices are created very fast, so I feel that it makes it difficult to keep up with the latest technology. The new developments make it difficult to keep the consumers in supply for the demand for the newest devices.

As one computer is bought it seems another computer is released with newer, faster services. Companies are may not be able to supply consumers with the newer computers or electronic devices in a manner that meets their demand.

One substitute for a computer is a tablet. A tablet is a small electronic device that has most of the functions of a computer. A tablet allows the user to use the Internet, socialize on media sites, play games, and read electronic books. Users are able to do almost anything on a tablet that they would be able to do on a computer but without the memory that a computer has. Tablets are touchscreen and a good tool to teach young children how to use electronics.

Another substitute for a computer is the new smartphones. I tend to use my smartphones very much to post in the discussion...