"The Supply Chain, B2C vs. a B2B"

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"The Supply Chain, B2C vs. a B2B"


Luz D. Guardado

Levita Goodwin

April 8, 2008

One can realize that at the end of the last Century, the world has seen big changes. These changes are becoming promptly and the central motive of changes is technological innovation. Technology (ever-changing) has affected the commerce as well has affected all other phases of life. Therefore, the supply chain management shows business as an important task in the digital economy.

According to Unific Information Technology Business to Commerce (B2C) are typically the businesses that sell to end customers. Usually, the per customer volume of transaction is low but the number of customers serviced is large. (Unific Information Technology, 2001) The Internet has loads of advertising to do to be able to draw a huge number of customers throughout different sites with more visibility than other segments.

Competing on the Internet is different from competing in the traditional industrial business world; competition is in the market-space. For example, to produce an online store is to support the corporation and its goods and services or and to sell its goods and services through the web store. An e-store example is Amazon.com (my favorite), an ongoing selling book store online and slowly but surely expanded with innovative group of products. While Amazon.com can benefits from increasing demand inexpensive way to reach globalization, rate decreasing of promotions (also sales) and reducing expenses; customers benefits from lower prices, wider choice, better information and (very important) convenience. The continuous improvement is essential to longterm competitive advantages. The following is an example of supply chain cycle for an online store:

Customer - ordering

Order processing - inventory

Warehouse - inventory management and order picking and packing

Distribution - returns and reverse...