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Contents1.0 Introduction22.0 Business Strategy23.0 Competitive Advantage34.0 Suppliers45.0 Value Chain Analysis56.0 Total Quality Management67.0 Future Recommendations67.1 E-Sourcing67.2 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)77.3 Risk management78.0 References81.0 IntroductionThe supply chain management (SCM) as defined by Bowersox, Closs & Cooper (2007) is consists of collaborating firms to control strategic positioning and to improve operating efficiency. However, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professional (CSCMP) defines strategic management as planning and management of all activities involving sourcing, procurement, conversion and all logistics management activities. In other words, strategic supply chain management is the activity that integrates demand and supply management within and across the company.

The supply chain is widely implemented in various business types thus it was proven to enhance the benefits in applying. However, most of the firms have not reached the magnitude of improvements or the desired results. In this case, CCC has also implemented supply chain strategy in their company to the best effect, but some strategy can be added or improved so that it is more effective.

2.0 Business StrategyBusiness Strategy is based on the theory made by Porter, M (1985) which was then developed by Bowman (1985) using the strategy clock. The theory was a company can either be a cost leadership or differentiation based. Cost Leadership means the company is focus on such factors that help a firm to reduce cost and maintain a low-cost position in the competition while differentiate which means the company is seeking for uniqueness to attract the customer but may charge for a premium price based on product, quality, styling, marketing a service. Cost leadership needs leans supply chain where they have long-term and strict relationship with suppliers, they give standards product to the customer and have low cost distribution where else differentiation needs agile supply chain for flexibility and speed, customized goods...