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E-Business Supply ChainThe availability to the Internet has drastically increased over the years. This is one reason why more businesses are doing business over the Internet. In this paper I will describe what the business to consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) supply chains are and what is the difference between the two. One thing is certain that e-business has made doing business much easier for the customer whether that is a business or an individual.

B2C E-Supply ChainThe basic definition of a B2C is a business to consumer business, which does its transactions from a business straight to a customer. This is basically an online retailer that does all or part of its business online. These types of web sites have to be accessible from everybody's home computers. B2C web sites have greatly increased the business's customer base. Some of these sites may target a certain market or demographic area but is not limited to this area.

These web businesses are very nice when somebody like myself moves to a different part of the country or even out of the country. They allow people to still be able to purchase products from a particular region even though they no longer live there. The B2C web sites will require security to allow consumers to purchase safely products. These sites will need to have a way to ship products in a timely manner to their customers. More important the business needs to be able to maintain an inventory to allow prompt delivery to the customer. Many of these sites list right on the web page if the product is in inventory either by telling the consumer how many they have or if same day shipping is available that generally means they have it on hand. Some of the better B2C sites...