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During my investigation using the Mosaic Approach (Clark and Moss, 2001), I aimed to reflect on signifant areas of the environment that are impacting on children's care learning and development. Phase 1 of my investigation (The Tour) involved a 2-year-old child who is currently receiving a funded placement in a designated Children's Centre under the 2-year-old pilot scheme (dfes 2005). The child attends The Neighbourhood Nursery, which is located in the far corner of the building (See Plan, No.2). The child is approaching 3 and nearing the end of the placement at the Centre. Phase 2 of my research involved discussions with early years practitioners working closely with the child. The areas brought to my attention were:

The Economical, Social aspect which impacts on learning

The relationships between children and 'insignificant' staff members

Freedom of movement

The separation of children of different age groups.

I will go on to critically evaluate how each aspect is impacting on children's care learning and development.

The Children's Centre I refer to, attached plan, is situated in a particular area of disadvantage, it services families from the immediate surrounding area

The Centre has recently received substantial funding to enhance the learning environment; this has resulted in an extension of the building as well as new equipment and resources. During block 2 I considered the impact external funding has on a child's environment (Activity 2.3). (Open University 2006) I kept this in mind as I carried out my research. As I conducted my child led tour, phase1, I led the child back to the main entrance of the building and asked the child to show me how the day started, similar to Activity 2:12 (Open University 2006) which explored the beginning of the day. The child directed me towards an area...