Suppression of Ideas: Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451"

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Suppression of Ideas Today's society is slowly and sub consciously becoming so called "advanced" like the society in Fahrenheit 451.

To me censorship is the control of speech, and other forms of human expression or works, often by government interference. The blunt motive of censorship is to stabilize or improve the society from which the government would have control. It is most commonly applied to acts that occur in public circumstances, such as books, radio and TV and most often involves suppression of ideas.

There are many differences between the censorship in Ray Bradbury's world and our world today. Censorship almost has a different definition in Fahrenheit 451 than it does here in America, in Montag's world the government censors everything because they believe the less you know the fewer questions you will ask, in our world we believe we have to censor things because we don't want our children or the people to know because it could escalate into a bad situation.

For example: teen pregnancy vs. health class, some think the less the kids know the less sexually active they will be, others argue that they need to know the consequences so that they know to stay away from sexual activity until they are more mature and ready.

These days fewer and fewer people are reading anymore because either there is no time or there is more technology to entertain them. This lack of reading will eventually result in the dumbing of society and no imagination so we will turn into one big group of followers. During this lack of reading they still censor book which make even less books to read, the books are censored because they make people think too much and are over the edge according to some people.

If they were to...