Suppression of Women

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Suppression of Women"The Yellow Wallpaper," by Charlotte GilmanStereotypes have been part of society for a very long time and are still present today. The stereotypical female, traditionally, is expected to have a delicate character, to take care of the housework and the children, to have no personality, identity, and to be relatively simpleminded and inferior in comparison to men. Since then, men are privileged enough to have education, they hold jobs and make all the decisions. Thus, women are cast into the prison of submission because they lived in a world dominated by men. In the short story, "The Yellow Wallpaper," by Charlotte Gilman, she demonstrates a women's descent into madness because of the control and attack of women in society. The narrator of the story is symbolic for all women in the late 1800s, a prisoner of a confining society. She also introduces the setting, theme, and symbolic issues that are going on in her life.

The narrative shows the reader a particular kind of insanity that afflicts the narrator. Therefore, her voice is very consequential to the reader and important due to the skillful use of syntax and language in her descriptions.

The narrator manipulates the reader's perspective throughout her story as she immediately introduces us to her world. Language plays an important role as a normal woman assesses her husband's profession and her own supposed illness. The narrator comes across as intelligent if not a little paranoid and less concerned with a slight hysterical but rather describing the house as "queer and untenanted" (Gilman, 284). Her suspicion occurs early on appearing at first as misdirection meant to foreshadow a possible ghost story. She goes on to describe the most beautiful place, "There is a delicious garden… large and shady, full of...