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Europe is home to people of many different descents and cultures. And with this diversity of peoples and short distances and large cultural differences.

Europe's diversity of peoples has been its greatest assets and its downfall. With short distances and large cultural differences, it has become a constant gyration of ideas, not to mention goods.

The Greeks, built the foundation of modern Europe. With their mastery of Arts. Science, and Mathematics, Romans still conquered them, and borrowing from Greek cultures created an empire that stretched across the land.

Rome was the first metropolitan area in Europe, with a population over a million.

In this fifth century the empire had collapsed, and brought with it massive migrations of peoples to their current positions on the European stage. After the dark ages powerful monarchies began the foundations of states, and oceanic travel was the beginning of Europe's rising power, and political recognition grew along with its population.

Later in the seventeenth- and eighteenth - century, Europe had been industrialized in many different ways. The steam engine was invented and used for numerous industrial uses. The Industrial revolution occurred when British influence was worldwide. The British held a monopoly over products in demand and they alone possessed the skills to make the products.

Geographers define supra nationalism as the voluntary association in economic, political, or cultural, of three or more independent states willing to yield some measure of sovereignty for their mutual benefit. Other supra national organizations include, North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

In 1947, George C. Marshal proposed a plan to help re-build Europe's economy as well as start a democracy.

The European union was designed as a recovery program, to help re-build the economy after the devastation of WWII. The goal of the...