Surf's Up--Grades Down!

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Surf?s Up?Grades Down! A Microtheme Learning to surf the Web might harm your studying because it causes you to waste time. I should know: I spent three hours trying to find an example of a microtheme with personal experience data on the Internet. I wanted to read how another author integrated his or her personal experience into evidence supporting an enthymeme. First, I had to connect to the World Wide Web. Due to high Internet traffic volume, this was no easy task. After successfully logging on, I clicked the mail icon. I read and responded to each of the messages that were waiting for me. Altogether, I spent approximately forty-five minutes just reading mail. Next, I began my search for an example by selecting the search engine, Google. I found several pages of web sites that had the word ?microtheme? on their site, but found no argument formatted close enough to have been beneficial to me.

By this time, I needed to know what the temperature was supposed to be tomorrow so I could decide on my children?s attire. Therefore, I decided to look up the forecast on WEHT-25 TV?s web page; fifteen more minutes had been wasted. Then, since I missed ?General Hospital? today, I felt like I had to visit to find out what I missed. My total time spent on line: four hours, ten minutes.

The time now is 10:30 P.M., and I still have not completed my assignments for tomorrow. I am fairly certain this paper will not receive a grade as high as my previous assignments. I believe it will not because I have not studied the requirements of the assignment in as much detail, or spent as much time composing this paper as previous ones. In short, the more study time I allow myself, the better my grades are. This microtheme will be a prime example of deteriorating grades due to excessive ?surfing.?