Surpises: Life is full of them, What are the things that give joy and sorrow to you?

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Surprises: Your Life is Full of Them

Life is full of unexpected things. Things that are pleasant and positive which make us feel amazed. Things that are unpleasant and negative which may provoke or can lead us to an abrupt decision in life. Yes, it's true! Life is full of surprises. You never know where. You never know and when. You never know who. You never know how is it. But truly there are endless surprises anywhere and everywhere. They can be just around any corner waiting for you.

We all love surprises isn't it? Of course, who doesn't want to feel the excitement brought even by little surprises given by our love ones. Who doesn't want to feel the joy and happiness brought by those surprises in life.. We don't want to expect it, but we secretly wish for something exciting to happen out of the ordinary happenings in our life.

And these will make us really happy if these unexpected wish come in our way.

When I receive a gift, when a friend visits me, when I discover things and when I've done things beyond my expectations. Like when I enter college. Life was not that easy for me. It's my first time to be alone, far from my family and friends. But surprisingly I learned to become independent. I learned to cook my own food to have something to eat. I learned to washed my clothes. I learned to clean up my rooms. I learned all of these things though I'm not doing all of these before. I also joined the choir and the cheering squad in our school. I don't know what comes in my mind to join in such things because before I'm not used to join those kind of activities in school. It's not...