Surrogate Mothers, Ethical Or Unethical

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Surrogate Mothers Ethical or Unethical For most surrogate mothers they are expected to give up the child she has borne over approximately nine months willingly and if not by legal contract. The mother is not to have a relationship with the child after birth so that the child will only know its nurturing another couple and shall not be confused. Public controversy over surrogate motherhood is accelerating. Because surrogacy questions cherished culture beliefs and ideals regarding the mother - infant relationship.

Critics of surrogacy say the problem that arises is that the mother naturally has a connection to the child formed during pregnancy and giving them up is very hard. The surrogate mother may suffer terrible and emotional distress in the long term because of the loss of her child. This may lead them to fight back for the. These result in legal battles such as the case of Baby M as the surrogate mother changed her mind and kidnapped the child.

Also the couple going to have custody over the child may be ridiculed, or unsupported by their family and society. The child when born may also be subjected to this mocking and may feel inadequate to other children about the way it was born This follows the point of how to tell the child about how it was created. It would also be difficult to explain to the child that the parents paid for the ability to raise it. The amount of technological knowledge may be too much for the child to understand as well as the confusing idea of multiple parents, such as in the case of Jaycee as the court did not know who her real parents were as it was anonymously done.

In today's society more and more items and services are being treated as...