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EDUF2007 Survey

1. Please specify your gender. - Male - Female

2. What type of school did you attend during your secondary years? - Private school - Catholic school - Public/government school - Public selective school - Other (please specify)

3. What is your ethnic background? - Caucasian/Anglo-Saxon - Middle Eastern - African - Hispanic- Asian - European - Oceanic Islander (including Pacific Island - New Zealand, Samoa, Tonga, etc.) - Indigenous/Torres Strait Islander - Other (please specify)

4. (Multiple response) What type of subjects are you more likely to take? - Mathematics (choose 1: General, Advanced, 3U/ext1 or 4U/ext2)) - Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics Earth and environmental Science or Senior Science) - Languages - Design Technology - English (Choose 1: General, Advanced, 3U/ext1 or 4U/ext2)

- Religion Studies

- Music/Drama

4A: What subjects did you choose for your HSC (optional) Specify:

5. (Multiple response) When you chose subjects (in Year 8 & Year 10), which of the following factors influenced your decision? Were you…

- Personal Interest - Forced by your parents? - Influenced by parents' suggestions? - About your future career choice/"dream" career?( i.e: scaling for a good mark or relevant to future job) - Peer pressure/ Try to get into the same subject as your best friend(s). - Influenced by societal expectations? - Other (please specify)

6. Would you agree or disagree with the following statements (in regards to subject selection)? - "I am likely to choose a subject if it would please my parents."

(Agree/Disagree) - "My family/parents have a strong influence on my career aspirations." (Agree /Disagree) - "My personal interest has a strong influence on my subject selection/career aspirations." (Agree /Disagree)

- "I enjoyed the subjects I chose."(Agree/ Disagree) - "I wanted to test out if this subject would suit my...