Survey into IQ, Hair colour, Gender and relationships between them

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An investigation into factors that may be connected with IQ scores.

Being one of only three blonde females in a top set Maths class that is dominated by males aspersions tend to be cast our way as to our lack of intelligence!! Having been given a set of secondary data from the fictious High School Mayfield I want to look into this aspect of life and see whether their aspersions have any basis in real life.

I am going to assume that Mayfield High School is a fairly typical High School in the United Kingdom and so I believe that any results that I find will be typical of everyone in the UK. To do this I will be looking at the IQ results to see if they appear 'normally' distributed, in order to back this assumption.

I have chosen to take a systematic sample of the data provided as I feel that it is the quickest way to obtain an unbiased sample.

The fairness of my sample depends upon the way the data is first sorted, and my data has been sorted in name order I think that my sample is unbiased as surname should have no affect upon hair colour, IQ or gender. I have decided to take every 7th item of data that will give me 169 sets of data that I feel is large enough to a fair representative of the school but small enough to be easily manageable.

So, the questions that I will try to find answers to will be:

1. How does gender affect IQ scores?

2. How does a person's hair colour affect their IQ scores?

3. Is their any difference between male blondes, female blonde, other males and females?

My hypothesises to these questions are

1. That neither...