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Abstract This paper analyzes the application of metaphors to organizations using the case of a loan group of the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh. The loan group has five female members and represents the poorest of society. Group and social environment dynamics are discussed and analyzed using metaphors. The paper takes the viewpoint of a group member and finds as the appropriate dominating frame the metaphor of the loan group as a mechanical system. Two additional metaphors of an organization as a culture and domination were chosen as supporting frames. The selection, application, and understanding of metaphors are related with the reader?s opinion. Metaphors help to open the reader to a variety of insights and create a basis for interpretations and exploration of new horizons.

Table of Contents Table of Contents iii Introduction 5 Background and Statistics 5 Grameen Bank and the Loan Group 7 Organization of the paper 7 Section One: Microcredit Design and Variables of a Microloan 8 Defining the Target Group 8 Economic Characteristics of the Target Group 9 Location and Branch Network 9 Payment Mechanism 9 Loan Size 10 Charges and Interest Rates 10 Savings 10 Training 11 Discipline, Peer Pressure and Incentives 11 Section Two: Group based Lending Programs 11 Social Intermediation 11 Group based Models and its Features 12 Group Characteristics 13 Simplicity and Transparency 15 Self-help in Groups 15 Section Three: Group Dynamics of Woman based Loan Groups 16 Positive Social Intermediation 17 Negative Social Intermediation 18 Controversy 19 Section Four: Principals of the Grameen Bank and the Loan Group 20 The Sixteen Decisions of the Grameen Bang 22 Section Five: Overview of Metaphors 25 Section Six: Application of Metaphors to the Loan Group 27 Section Seven: Selection of Dominant and Supporting Frames 28 Conclusion 29 References 31 Introduction The twenty-first century poses challenges...