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Survival has been one of mankind's greatest challenges throughout history. How do men and women survive under difficult conditions? Surviving a dangerous or difficult situation is always demanding. To survive, a person must overcome emotional and physical stress. Some people survive in difficult conditions where others perish because a survivor is able to mentally and physically cope.

Mankind has endured many atrocities over the years. War, concentration camps, earthquakes, child abuse and urban violence are but a few examples. These stressful events, referred to as "traumatic", can overwhelm individuals. The people who do best in these situations are those who prepare themselves mentally. The survivor will have extraordinary clarity about the seriousness of his/her situation and decide on a plan of attack. "A true survivor's perception and cognitive functions work at a heightened level in the face of danger." (Gonzales). The mental attitude of the individual in danger is paramount in any survival situation.

A person can have an array of survival skills and training, but without the mental desire, survival is impossible.

The stresses involved in a survival situation have a huge impact on a person's mind. If not properly understood, these stresses can cause a person who is normally confident to question his/her ability to survive. The same survival mechanisms our forefathers used to stay alive will still work today, as long as we understand them and anticipate their presence. (Wilderness Survival).

Everyone responds to the threat of danger with fear. This fear is felt not only when a person faces a physical threat, but also the threat to emotional and mental well being. A survivor would recognize this fear and rather than have it immobilize him/her they manage it in a positive way. For a survivor, fear can motivate them and help them think...