How to survive a college party?

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How to Survive a College Party

How would you like to live in the heavens of college? Well, surviving a college party in one of the necessary needs. If you cant stay alive after a college party then your future for success will be dim and narrow. Surviving a college party means that you have met more than ten people you like, three or more girls, didn't get arrested for vandalism or being drunk, and didn't drink so much that you have a hangover.

First, you would need to bring a friend to the party. The friend could be anyone that you fell comfortable with, is friendly and could help you when you're in need. When you get to the party you wouldn't know everyone there. A friend would be someone you could talk to that keeps you company before the drinking, partying and socializing. Also, you friend could drive or take you home after the party if you are drunk or ready to puke.

Second, you need to start meeting new people and girls. You could start off by meeting the host of the party. Start off by talking about how great the party is then ask questions like "how are you doing?" Then start conversations with guests of the party that you don't know. You can talk about how they are enjoying the party or ask personal questions. When you are talking to some one don't say stupid jokes like" Why did the man put money in the freezer? He wanted cold hard cash!" or you will make a big gaffe. After you meet more and more people than you will lounge into this party. The more people you get to know at this party the better because then people will feel like you have awesome social...