"The Will to Survive." This story gained me an 'Very High Achievement'

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The reveille sounded, as it sounded every morning, and so began another arduous day in the field. That morning there was a lot of resentment within the squad, the temperature was dropping as quickly as the prisoners' hopes of freedom. Yegveny Miraskensvi was particularly resentful on that day, he felt feverish from the night before with pain in almost every joint of his body. He wanted as much sleep as he could get, as he knew it was going to be the best he would get for over a month. His squad, the 113th was about to be shifted from the main prison facility to a new site in the open countryside. But before the squad could move in, they would have to build the entire settlement from scratch. Upon these thoughts, Miraskensvi decided he would report sick. At that very moment his blanket was flung of him to the sight of his superimposed campguard.

"Three days penalty with work", the campguard shouted. At the sound of this the rest of the 113th scurried into their work gear, their only gear, and headed to mess hall for breakfast. Three days penalty usually referred to a sentence of three days in the hole. All prisoners feared this punishment, locked in for three days with no food and in complete darkness.

The campguard took Miraskensvi out of the prisoners quarters and towards the guardhouse, Miraskensvi felt a lot better when the two of them walked past the obsidian hole. When they arrived at the guardhouse Miraskensvi was given the simple task of scrubbing the floor. Miraskensvi was minding his own business scrubbing the floor until he splashed water, which was brought to the attention of the attending guards. "Didn't you ever watch your wife scrub the floor, pig!" responds a guard, Miraskensvi...